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We are the foremost mobile app developers of Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Gold Coast. If you desire a nonpareil mobile application with the amalgamation of creativity, contemporary technology and excellence, you landed on the perfect destination.

How do we do it?


Understanding Your Idea

The first and most integral part of our service of application development for Android, iPhone, and iPad is to attentively understand your objectives. We focus on exactly what you want to achieve by producing your mobile application. Whether it is app development for Android, iPhone or iPad, this is the initial and most important stage of our mobile application development services.

We take the time required to pick your brain get a detailed understanding of your concept including exact functionality and requirements to produce a concise wire-frame for the layout for your app.ensuring that we know exactly what you want and that you know what your going to get.


Planning your application

This is where we develop you wireframe or plan. The purpose of the wireframe is to show you a visual storyboard of your mobile app – like plans for a new house. This stage shows the screenflow of how your app will function. We work closely with you to meet your objectives and to ensure the best possible user experience for your application.



Our talented mobile app developers give your application a great look. This is the fun part where you get to see your app come to life. At VerySmartApps we pride ourselves on delivering the best looking and most functional applications for our customers and the end user. We work with you from the very beginning to make sure you end up with the desired look and feel you have. We aim to over deliver especially on design.


Development & Coding

Our development process is something we’re very proud of, with the previous steps of the project completed our experienced developers begin to make the magic happen. Based on your requirements, wireframe and designs our developers begin to create the functionality and produce an app that does exactly what’s required.



If you’re serious about launching an application to reflect your brand then you need to make sure that it works. Once we’ve built the app, we test it to make sure it does exactly what it was designed to do. Our process includes testing for accessibility, running with background application functionality, limited Internet connections, low memory situations & boundary tests on input forms just to name a few. Once our testing process is complete we send it to you so you can try it for yourself.


Load & Launch

Launching your app is an exciting time. You need to make sure the step is done correctly. One of the critical stages is writing a description that will get you downloads and ensure you are found on the store. Being able to convey your value by standing out & stressing the benefits of your app is critical. We work with you to craft a powerful and compelling description and search terms.We then work to get your app approved. Apple’s process changes from time to time, we’ve never had an app we couldn’t get approved

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